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Internet Marketing

by Vince Runza
Internet MarketingThe very first step in succeeding at anything is learning to think right about it. Imagine a guy who wants to be a lion tamer, with no previous experience. How successful would he be if he decided to just reason with the lions? I'm guessing that would be a very short, painful career. Learning to think right about IM (Internet Marketing) means recognizing that what you are doing is a way of doing business. The actual business you select must be tied to your biggest strengths. That means you must know yourself. If you were attracted to IM because [...]

SEO for Dummies and Siri

by Vince Runza
in SEO
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What are people asking for with their voices? In days of old – okay, about five minutes ago, SEO for your business meant finding the search terms that your prospects were typing into their favorite search engine. That was easy, since there are tools that you can use for analyzing search terms in practically every niche there is out there. Now, there's Siri, Alexa, and a host of other voice recognition apps that will give you hands-free access to whatever you're looking for. People are talking to their smartphones, tablets, even their TV remotes. What they are saying may not [...]