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Getting Started – Ready, Fire, Aim

Start Now, Procrastinate Later "Thou shalt not shilly-shally" is sound advice from a classic book on playing winning chess. It also…

SEO for Dummies and Siri

April 10, 2017
in SEO
What are people asking for with their voices? In days of old – okay, about five minutes ago, SEO for your business meant finding…

Fear Will Paralyze Your Business

April 9, 2017
Fear of failing Fear of adventure Fear of the unknown Fear of any of the above is destined to kill your business. Every day business…

Entrepreneur Weekly Podcast Presented by Vero Concepts

April 8, 2017
in News
Vero Concepts is proud to host and produce ENTREPRENEUR WEEKLY, a weekly podcast that zero's in on small business and entrepreneurship. This…