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Internet Marketing Pitfalls

by Vince Runza
Even if you are new to the Internet Marketing scene, you've probably already seen ads, sales pages and emails promoting ways to become filthy rich in no time, with no work and no brains. If that were true, nobody would be working anymore. We'd all be spending money online, buying from each other. For some of us, the spending part is too true! The problem is that these same folks aren't making any money at all. Aside from the various money scams, "phishing" tricks to steal your identity and "spoof" emails from payment processors, there's a group of opportunists that [...]

Getting Started – Ready, Fire, Aim

by Vince Runza
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Start Now, Procrastinate Later "Thou shalt not shilly-shally" is sound advice from a classic book on playing winning chess. It also applies to business, especially when you're starting one. If you're a perfectionist, stuck in the "paralysis of analysis" or any other type of procrastination, get over it! Worrying over details and fearing to make a mistake won't get you anywhere. Do something NOW and fix it later. As long as what you are doing makes basic sense, isn't illegal or morally wrong, do it NOW. Develop a habit of taking action as soon as you realize what action you [...]