Entrepreneur Weekly Episode 1:Getting to Know You, And Us

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Entrepreneur advice, from those who have failed mightily before succeeding.

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or just want to be in business for yourself, Vero Concepts is the place to get real, practical information on starting, building, and succeeding in business. You won’t get a lot of happy horseshit about PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), although that can be important. Instead, you will get real, actionable information on working smart, working effectively, and reaching your goals on time.

It all starts with self-examination. In the words of Led Zeppelin, “Why don’t you take a good look at yourself and describe what you see – and baby, baby, baby, do you like it?” The foundation of your business is you, your abilities, your weaknesses, and your willingness to put in effort where it counts, not where it just makes you feel good.

“A business is either an organization or a person(s) operating with the objective of making a profit from the sale of goods or services.” Making a profit is the bottom line. No matter what your aspirational goals may be, if you don’t make a profit, you’re not in business. Elevating a hobby or other activity to a business means you must direct your efforts towards making that profit first.

You’ll find that a basic overview of business, and having a set of goals, will help you sharpen your focus. Get the free report, Ready for Battle, by entering your name and email here. You’ll get all the help you need to get started, if you’re new to business, and a healthy review of what you’re currently doing if you’re already in business.


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